Planned Spontaneity...

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Spontaneous visit through snowy weather. Just Dad and Mom. A new sweater for the grand-baby. Lots of laughs and many kisses. Tight hugs and a few tears...Sometimes, the unexpected trips and visits...are exactly what God had planned all along.

It's Your Birthday...

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Quiet thinker and attentive listener. Bold leader. We love that you love spontaneity and adventure. We sometimes think that you are good at everything! Including skim boarding you tried for the first time and mastered! The new job you started this year has stretched you, but you have taken it with determination and cheerfulness and have been a bright Light to your co-workers. 
Paul, we are so blessed to be celebrating 19 years with you. Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday...

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Jon-Michael! Fifteen already?! We can't believe it:) We are so thankful for your life. Your endless energy and boisterous laugh! Your love of adventure and the occasional cold coffee:) You have grown so much in your walk with the Lord. We see Jesus in you.

Love you so much,


And He Is Eight..

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Titus. Our quiet rock. Our attentive listener. Our steady-eddy. Our food lover. He loves to bake and cook and sample all our new recipes (raw onion? -standing on his little tykes chair at the stove- "I have to know what it tastes know, the flavor it gives.") Thanking God for sparing his little life 8 years ago when he arrived so premature. We love you Ty-Man!


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We have quite a few Birthdays this month! Luke's was on the 13th. Our big quiet man turned 27 this year. We love him so much.

Thanking God for his beautiful, special irreplaceable life... 


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Some dear friends brought these over to the house last night...
These beautiful orchids are supposed to be simple to keep alive! Sunlight and 3 ice cubes a week.

The Love Tank...

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Even when I was little and seemingly without a care in the world, I still had sad or hard days. It may have been a spanking I got that day (which makes any little person feel terrible!) or maybe I just felt like I would be little for forever. (how sad and discouraging right?) I remember Mama's recliner in her room. A soft faded pink; extra cushy. We would talk there. She would tell me it was like an empty hallow feeling inside and that my love tank was low. Lots of things could help fill that tank. A hug, a card in the mail, a call from Abuela, an: "I love you my big-girl" from Daddy or praying with Mama about whatever was bothering me and letting Jesus know my heart. For me as a little person, her analogy made perfect sense and it's something I never forgot. I would leave her room ready to face my small world challenges all over again! Even as an adult now, I still feel like we could all relate to that analogy some days, right?

I had my wisdom teeth pulled out this week and was definitely feeling a little "puny". Would you believe it, but some very dear friends dropped in and surprised me with some of my favorite things! (A Blended Caramel Coffee + extra espresso? Yes.) I felt overwhelmingly loved and couldn't believe their thoughtfulness. It felt like that love tank was full and overflowing...


A Visit with the Cousins...

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Baby Angel of course stole the show all day! We love his little personality starting to develop. The way he scrunches up his face when he laughs. The way he will just stare at you with his big eyes for minutes on end. Our littles are pretty much enthralled with babies right now. They're a wonder to them. Titus is seven and the "baby" of our family, so playing and snuggling with a 10 month old is something a little new for him and Samuel both. We had to tell them a couple of times to not leave Angel standing by himself because he can't actually walk yet and if you do that he will fall to the floor! We love watching the awe and pleasure on their faces. 

My Dad and my Uncle (Angels grandfather) look very much alike. So much so that I think Angel was a little confused if this was his Grandpa or not!


Trying on his "Uncles" shades...

Love this picture of Luke. He was so relaxed that day and loved Angel too.

Peter especially had an attachment to Angel. He couldn't keep his hands off of him! 
They were so sweet together.

He loves to "sing". We would sing "Jesus Loves Me", and then he would have his turn:)

Samuel thought Angel kept spitting up a bit and he would say: "uh-oh, he keeps doing that", and then he would get a napkin and wipe it away. We finally noticed what he was doing and told him that that's a very normal thing for a baby and it's actually not spit-up but drool because his little teeth are coming in! He laughed his little laugh and said: "Ohhhhh, wow, ok!" Will wonders never cease?!

And of course Angels toys attract boys off all ages:)

Just look at him!!

Ronald wanted us to try his special smoothie recipe and it really was so good!

We love you so much!

Chili Cook-Off...

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The New Year...

You pull Decembers calendar off the fridge and put up January's with your favorite motivational magnet. Pack up the decorations *sniff, sniff* and take the Christmas sweater off the dog. Yes, that sweater;) 

Another thing that normally happens the first of January is our Chili Cook-Off at church. But this year nobody got to stir as many as two beans together before we were hit with the flu bug! Awful dreaded thing! Our crock-pots full of chili didn't stand a chance against it...and neither did we.
So, we rescheduled. And it finally took place last week! 


This years winners....

We both won the same spots as last year! We couldn't believe it!

Anita came in 1st, Byron came in 2nd, and I came in 3rd.

We had a fantastic guitar player that night! Thank you Hugh for bringing your music for us! It was great!

Dusty Barns and Old Doors

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So many times we have talked of how we look up the history and “sites” of a town, becoming the typical tourist looking for a spot while on vacation. But rarely, do the same for the places right in our own state…or small town we live in!

This month has been unique in that we have talked with people about the history of our town, San Antonio, turned the pages of old and treasured picture albums, rummaged through dusty barns, found out just how one of our roads, Curly was named, borrowed the key to our historical train station and took a look inside, took a visit and tour of our historic St Charles Inn…all in search for small things that help describe just who and what our small town of San Antonio is all about.

All of us sisters are helping with a small project for San Antonio, and are enjoying the many things we are learning along the way!


I don't know about this friendly kitty, but so far we have been told that at least five barn cats, one of them being named, Fluffy, was up for adoption. It was a good thing Anita wasn't always there to carry one home!

Mr. Bobby and Ms. Patsy with Paul and Olivia

The Orange Belt Railway train stop in town...

After finding the pictures we wanted, we printed our photos as engineer prints and made some mock canvases with cardboard and glue.

Ann and Ted have an amazing Inn here in San Antonio. Mama and some friends actually stayed at this beautiful Inn a few years before moving here twelve years ago! We enjoyed looking at photos Ann showed us that gave slight glimpses of all the memories that have been made inside it's walls...The St Charles Inn.

Anita sanded and stained this spool into a little table...I think she was really pleased that Paul and Mr Weaver could find such a nice spool for her!

We found a treasure trove of history in Mr Hermann's barns. It was not uncommon to see an amazing door, window, sign or even old mail cubbies from the post office, that had a story behind it. There was more history here than we could keep track of...

 We found a wheel half buried and in two was perfect!

Anita's paper mache boots are coming along!
Painting terracotta floors on plain brown paper may have been a little harder than we at first thought!

Alexis used recycled pallet wood to make a sign. It's amazing to watch something beautiful come out of some rough wood and nails!

The committee.
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