Friday Night...

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Preparing for Friday's Fundraiser. Ironing triangles and pounding nails...surprise help from friends...lots of brushes and yards of string.

Anticipation of what God is doing, and will do, for Honduras.

Come and Help...

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This Friday night is our Fundraiser for Honduras! We would love to see you.

Heritage Bible Church is once again planning a trip to Honduras in May of this year! We are excited to see people we have grown to love and respect. It is our prayer and desire on this trip to not only bring God's word to the people but also much needed food. We would like to extend an invitation to those who read our blog and to our friends and family who may want to come and join us for our Honduras fundraiser. There will be a meal, music and also a video presentation of our previous trips to help everyone see what we see and "meet" the people who live there. Please feel free to come join us! 

If you would like to attend our fundraiser please feel free to RSVP to:

Also, if you would like to make copies of our flier, feel free to just click on the picture below!

Running Over

This is our sweet little Isaac.

Sunday, we were gathered around a tiny little phone screen ooing and aahing over pictures taken for World Down Syndrome Day on the 21st of this month. We saw Isaac in his brightly patterned socks and bright colored clothes celebrating life. 
When I thought about Isaac today, I thought of how truly amazing God is...we have watched this little boy learn to walk, (struggle with braces on his legs for helping him in this step of life) watch him light up with smiles when his parents talk to him, let us admire his nifty glasses, and one of the most touching to me...watching him praise God in singing! He will get so excited over a song being played or sung. And personally, he has made me fall in love with his favorite song...
I watch him as he moves his small hands in sign language.

"Running over...Running over...
My cup is full and running over!
Since the Lord made me, I'm as happy as can be...
My cup is full, and running over!"

We have been so amazingly blessed to know Isaac and his loving family...they love Isaac so much, and what makes the blessing complete, is that they let all of us love him too! 


"And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me." 
Matthew 18:5

You Are 17...

Yes, you are our one and only March birthday! Santi, our puzzle builder and avid scripture memorizer. (If that's a word). You love life and what it brings. Even the hard and painful things. A spine that isn't quite like everyone else's. Hips that hurt once in a while. Reading can be a challenge can't it? But you put everything you've got into it! You try and try again. You love Jesus and no matter how nervous you get, you stand tall at Dad's pulpit and quote your memory verses. You love birthdays...especially yours:) And we are so happy to be celebrating you!

You are loved Birthday boy...

Planned Spontaneity...


Spontaneous visit through snowy weather. Just Dad and Mom. A new sweater for the grand-baby. Lots of laughs and many kisses. Tight hugs and a few tears...Sometimes, the unexpected trips and visits...are exactly what God had planned all along.

It's Your Birthday...

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Quiet thinker and attentive listener. Bold leader. We love that you love spontaneity and adventure. We sometimes think that you are good at everything! Including skim boarding you tried for the first time and mastered! The new job you started this year has stretched you, but you have taken it with determination and cheerfulness and have been a bright Light to your co-workers. 
Paul, we are so blessed to be celebrating 19 years with you. Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday...

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Jon-Michael! Fifteen already?! We can't believe it:) We are so thankful for your life. Your endless energy and boisterous laugh! Your love of adventure and the occasional cold coffee:) You have grown so much in your walk with the Lord. We see Jesus in you.

Love you so much,


And He Is Eight..

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Titus. Our quiet rock. Our attentive listener. Our steady-eddy. Our food lover. He loves to bake and cook and sample all our new recipes (raw onion? -standing on his little tykes chair at the stove- "I have to know what it tastes know, the flavor it gives.") Thanking God for sparing his little life 8 years ago when he arrived so premature. We love you Ty-Man!


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We have quite a few Birthdays this month! Luke's was on the 13th. Our big quiet man turned 27 this year. We love him so much.

Thanking God for his beautiful, special irreplaceable life... 


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Some dear friends brought these over to the house last night...
These beautiful orchids are supposed to be simple to keep alive! Sunlight and 3 ice cubes a week.

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